Friday, March 13, 2009

the best ship of all

friendship is priceless,
And can never be forgotten,
Friendship is timeless,
And never rotten,

It takes more than hugs and kisses,
To be real friend,
the nature of friendship,
requires a blend,

the road to a happy life,
may sometimes make us stumble,
but to have a friend to give us a hand,
teaches us to be humble,

good friens are hard to find,
Hard to lose,
And impossible to forget,
but when they fly away,
your anger turns to regret,

sometimes in lifes,
we need a special person,
to listen while we talk,
a special person,
who will not discourage or judge,
but encourage us as we walk,

friends are there,
to help you along,
the journey through friendship,
is always long,

in life,
there a big ships,
and there are small ships,
but the best ships of all,

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