Friday, February 13, 2009

life in a boarding school..

just know i talk with a few of my friend..we talk our ex-school..and now all the memories from school come to my minds..i came from one of the boarding school in in boarding school..what do you think??some people may think it is boring..and some peole like to study at the boarding for me..when i was in the school i always think that life in the school was not fun, with all the rules.. there are too many of them..rule at school,hostel,class and so on.but.. when i was not in the school anymore..i feel that the school is really fun..i had reaaly enjoyable time in the school..with all my friends and teachers..and now really iss all the time at the is really good if i can go back to the school with all of my friends and teachers..i reaaly miss all the last time..wish i can be in the school again..

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